Monday, March 28, 2005

The Next Apple In The Cart

Next up is a post on Schiavogate. It tells us why the "myth" of "liquefied brains" is already losing its credibility - it's obviously falsified. There's no way for it to be true, because healthcare workers could submit to polygraphs today and - when asked whether Terri was a vegetable - would be forced (by honesty) to say "No."

That can mean only one thing: the CT scan that shows "liquid brain" is NOT TERRI'S. That's all it can mean. I am working on an in-depth treatment of what I just posted a little while ago.

And REMEMBER: THEY ARE DEHUMANIZING TERRI [Michelle!] because THEY think THE BRAIN SCAN IS LEGIT. That's the ONLY reason. (And it's a good one - if it were, she really would be a lost cause in medical terms.) Know it. Understand it. Help someone figure it out. There's not much time left. The key to breaking the story is to falsify (LEGITIMATELY of course!) that document. That's what I'm working on.

In the meantime, new readers ought to have "fun" (though this ain't a fun topic) reading the introductory post for Liberals For Terri [CLICK HERE] and following the links in order to catch up on the topic.


Blogger Maggie said...


just letting you know that this Australian conservative Catholic just sent off a ripping email to Dan Abrams telling him to get his act together, and that he is a lousy opiniated journalist.

With any luck, if he says my email and reads through what I have to say, he might use his brains and begin to dig to find out the real facts of this case instead of offering half-baked opinions based upon inaccurate diagnoses and information about the state of Theresa Schindler's congnitive abilities.

conservative Australian Catholic

9:37 PM  
Blogger RD said...

Thanks for your support from clear across the pond maggie.

If they simply refuse to listen, and it was clear BEFORE she died what the game was, and yet they DIDN'T listen or do something when they could - choosing to misunderstand it because they had all the right ("court-sancioned") excuses available - you realize these people have to be held accountable. These 'questioners' have to be put on camera and the hard questions asked of them. Their excuses have to be whittled down bit by bit until they admit to themselves just what they've done. (Either they report the news or they don't, but they DON'T get the right to MISreport the news deliberately and then run from it later! The media have known about the abuse allegations for YEARS!)

If the worst happens you know what the Pope will think about it: I predict in the end she will be beatified.

Obviously we've got to stop it from getting there. It's Easter for God's sake. (How precisely are these "feeding interruption dates" decided anyhow? Are they proscribed by law?)

The mark of shame will be put on this by the Pope if no one else. I'm sure of that. It's discouraging to hear how the European media are reporting this woman as living in a COMA. That's the lead story: The "coma" patient and those crazy Americans.

A heads-up: I'm running kind of on empty, gonna have to nap for a few hrs. before I pick it up at Oh-dark-hundred. That puts me at somewhere mid- to later-morning EST for posting it. I want it to be in the bag as early as possible tomorrow - the news cycle is fickle outside of business hours.

The material is a little tricky and I'm trying to package it so people will understand its significance. Making the difficult look simple ain't easy this time. But most of it is written out so I've just got to find what's missing & pull it together before I "ship" it.

Hope the actions planned for tomorrow across the board don't miss the window for Terri. Kate A. hung on for 9 days and came back all right, and that's what I'm hanging my hopes on right now. That and the nurses who are bravely speaking out. Let's hope the whole nursing team finds someone to support them with a fistful of cash and moral support tomorrow.

Thanks Maggie ;)

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Emma said...

What Terri needs is a trial by a jury of her peers.

Judges cannot be judge, jury and executioner all three.

To me any disputed case should be settled by a jury of the people.

6:56 AM  
Blogger bethtopaz said...

emma, Amen to that -- a case like this, that is in so much dispute should not be decided by a few men that are obviously so proud, selfish and compromised. A jury of her peers -- yes to that. Even a convicted murderer gets a trial by a jury of his/her peers. And to Maggie, thanks for your support in Australia. We need to spread the truth about Terri from person to person.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

Good point about the 9 days....hmmm I also am wondering about the subpoenas by congress....couldn't they take her into custod7 since she is STILL fighting and STILL alive????I will add this link to my latest long as she is still breathing...I will fight...

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Gardener said...

The Congressional subpoenas were cancelled last week -- they are no longer in effect.

The Senate hearings were pushed off until April. I'm not sure if there were subpoenas involved with the senate hearing.

My big question: why are people assuming the CT scan we've all seen is actually one that was entered into evidence?

9:48 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

You know what gets me is that even here in Australia, the ABC has been showing the footage of Terri responding to her parents, and they too are making this coma blunder.

For the life of me, I want to know is it that everyone is running shy of the fact that there is a very high probability that Terri has injuries that are consistent with being strangled by her husband.

Also, I have another question, and that is was that CT scan ever produced as evidence?

Cranford examined her the one time in 1996 when he made his misdiagnosis for a fee. He made the claim that her brain had "liquified" back in 1996, but there are legitimate reasons not to accept this as being a true diagnosis of this woman.

There are of course other possibilities in this case, that on these occasions, Michael Schiavo had interfered with Terri in some way so that she would appear to be in a comatose condition as she was being examined. I believe that is a high probability when Wolfson made a visit.

Oh and I am very amused by the comment about the Pope beatifying Terri if she dies. That is possible without a miracle if she is considered to be a martyr for Christ. I think that the fact that she had been denied her religious rights would put her into martyr category and the same with the fact that she is facing such a death by torture. St. Maximilian Kolbe was starved to death by the Nazis in a concentration camp and he has been beatified. So there is hope that Therese Schindler will be fast tracked as a saint in special cases for the disabled ;-)

Maggie the Catholic Australian conservative

10:11 PM  
Blogger David said...

The pictures I'm seeing on majikthise type sites show liquid in the center of the brain, and they keep saying "cortex". That's not where the cortex is. That's the general area of the stuff that makes you breathe, blink, etc. It's a somewhat subtle straw man, of course it's easy to prove that she is brain damaged, that's universally granted. The suggestion is that the arguments against dehydration are based on a belief that she isn't really brain damaged at all, which they are not.

12:47 PM  
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