Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Choice

For those of you who think Terri Schiavo is a "vegetable" and has "liquid" - not solid - "brains", it's come down to this choice.

There are tens if not hundreds of health-care professionals and workers who will testify under oath - and take a POLYGRAPH if compelled by the judge - to the exact opposite: that Terri Schiavo can in fact hear, understand, laugh, speak a few words (and with speech training do better), and feel happy or sad, and feel PAIN. Now, HOW IS THAT REMOTELY POSSIBLE if she has LIQUID FOR BRAINS? How could it possibly, possibly be?

Well. None of us are stupid. OBVIOUSLY it can only mean one of TWO things. Either:

1.  The collective testimony of ALL nurses, ALL doctors and ALL visitors are a hoax. (IOW: They are trying to HUMANIZE a VEGETABLE.)


2.  The 1996 CT Brain Scan and EEG report that formed the sole basis of their "liquefied brains" or "permanent coma" charges is a hoax. (IOW: They are trying to DEHUMANIZE a WOMAN.)

Only one of the two can possibly be true.

Realize that Option 1 - an organized conspiracy among dozens of people (including those in the so-called "right-wing" media) to lie, cheat and forestall social change in support of the right-wing agenda - would have to include not only the doctors hired by Terri's parents - but also the ones hired by Michael himself. (!!) Why is that?

Because, even THEY weren't able to support the diagnosis of "liquid brains" or "coma" in their OWN one-on-one patient interviews with the "vegetable". (Watch the videotapes of the doctor with the balloon; he's complimenting her for following it with her eyes. Is he just a buffoon for talking to himself or was he trying to get a reaction?)

You realize, don't you, that the main doctor testifying on Michael's behalf - and his spouse's right to die - complimented her on how she tracked a balloon. That's HIS voice on the videotape. It's not possible to interact with, solicit, or encourage, ANYTHING from a vegetable, a patient in a coma or one with "liquefied" brains.

The doctors could almost diagnose PVS (though why Terri would be able to speak is a mystery they choose not to explain), but "liquefied brains" is a much more serious charge - it's truly terminal vegetation, WORSE than a mere state of "coma" on all accounts - and it's one that even their own clinical exams could NOT support (nor was it their goal to do so - it just fell into their laps). The ONLY documents supporting the charge of "massive" brain damage are the ALLEGED 1996 brain scan (and possibly the ALLEGED EEG report). Both are singleton documents of dubious provenance. They were obtained from Terri's often-rifled-through medical files.

Realize also that, for Option 2, all that's required is for one man - with access to medical facilities (as a nurse) and his spouse's medical records (as her guardian) - to make the proper adjustments.

You realize, don't you, one or the other IS a hoax. Both of them can't POSSIBLY be true.

I have a suggestion that would suit everyone so we don't waste our breath quacking about "smearing" someone: why don't we simply put Michael Schiavo on a POLYGRAPH and ask HIM? Ditto for the other people involved - fair is fair after all. I think that should settle the whole thing quite amicably in my opinion. Don't you?

Nurse Carla Sawyer Iyer's Sworn AFFIDAVIT
Former Nurse Heidi Law's Sworn AFFIDAVIT

More importantly, what is Michael Schiavo AFRAID of? (He's stopped doing interviews since Larry King caught him in a lie that revealed he had NO IDEA what his wife's wishes were.)

[UPDATE for people like Gardener: The whole reason for this post is that the likes of Air Frankenstein have demagogued these terms, turning medical evaluations into political speech. If someone's brains have begun to "liquefy" then there's no need to feel sorry for them is there?

I won't even ARGUE that point - why bother - I wouldn't get anywhere anyway would I? My one, simple question - the one that no one seems to want to deal with - is: What if we're wrong? That would make your righteous indifference not only meaningless but a mark of shame.

Now we don't have to wonder any more. The CT brain scan evidence is a HOAX.]


Anonymous Gardener said...

1) Nobody's saying her entire brain has liquefied -- just that her cerebral cortex has. Huge difference.

2) Nobody in the blogosphere knows whether the CT scan we've all seen is hers or not. The courts have her actual CT scan, whether or not we've actually seen it in the blogosphere.

3) Polygraph tests are amazingly easy to trick. Look it up. That's why they're admitted as evidence less and less. That's a good thing. I have several bodybuilder friends who trick polygraph tests regularly (i.e. at competitions).

4) The tapes that you and I have seen account for 1.6% of the actual 4.5 hours of footage available. If you read the multiple court rulings (both Greer's and others), you'll see that those who have seen the full set of tapes say Terri "reacts" the same way with noises and gestures when nobody is even there.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"just that her cerebral cortex has. Huge difference."

She does have some cortex left. Huge differnce than "liquid"

"you'll see that those who have seen the full set of tapes say Terri "reacts" the same way with noises and gestures when nobody is even there."

Maybe she's talking to herself or trying to get some damn nurse to come into the room because she's HUNGRY.

11:53 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Gardener, I see that you are making more of your unenlightening comments again. Why don't you rack off and sit in your own blog rather than taking up space elsewhere.

Polygraph tests can be reliable when people are lying, but there are some people who are so used to their own lies that their hearts no longer skip a beat.

However, the body language test on Michael Schiavo can be a lot more revealing. The same test can be applied to all of the people who are testifying as to Terri's real condition.

Liars have a tendency to not face people directly. They also like to divert attention from the real topic of conversations or from questions that are too sticky to answer. However, Michael Schiavo has managed to show that he lied in the courtroom when he admitted on Larry King that he really did not know what his wife would do in that situation and it was "What we want". I do not think that you can get better evidence that the transcript of that interview.

There are other possibilities that you have decided to foolishly discard in this case. Some of the information that is now coming forward as professional people begin taking a hard look at the evidence is very startling and fits neatly into what we are witnessing because this philandering weak as piss sorry excuse for a man refuses to divorce his wife and let her parents care for her until she dies naturally.

There were other options in this case and Schiavo refused to acknowledge those options because of his desire to inflict the maximum possible hurt upon the Schindler family. I am not a psychologist or even have studied in that field but by golly I can see that there is something very pathological about the way that this man wants his wife dead.

The man is an adulterer. He has a background of violence. One of his ex-girlfriends has given an affadavit that he stalked her and tried to run her off the road.

I doubt that the court has a different CT scan than the one on the blogosphere. Yes, I do think that the scan on the Internet is the scan used in the court case because it is allegedly supportive of the claim that this woman is PVS. It is a scan of interest to both radiologists as well as neurologists in training.

So why not rack off and go drink some Kool Aid. I believe people who support the death of Terri do like the taste of specially prepared Kool Aid.

1:54 AM  
Blogger RD said...

STAGES OF HOPE AS SEEN BY THE MEDICAL PROFESSION (their concepts, my numbering system :)

Stage 1: Beyond hope ("pull the plug")

(minimal cortex left: fetal position, no pain, no emotion, no memory, no open eyes, death is only a matter of time)

Terri's CT Brain scan puts her here.

Stage 2: Hope ("let them live but don't rehabilitate")

(no way to speed it along, therapy does not help, etc.)

PVS fits in this category and not Level 1, if only because 50% of PVS patients are reclassified as Stage 3 within their lifetime (!).

Brain scans run the gamut from partially atrophied to intact - vast majority [75-90%] are only minimally atrophied though they may clearly show other anomalies.

Terri's "clinical" diagnosis by Dr. Cranford puts her here.

Stage 3 - No need to 'hope' - Expect improvement ("rehabilitate")

(therapy works, has an effect, etc.)

Terri's diagnosis by ALL other professionals - nurses, doctors & so on - put her here.

2:32 AM  
Blogger RD said...

Well said maggie! As to Gardener's points:

1) A "huge" enough difference to move "Terri" back from "hopeless" into "hope" or even "expect limited recovery"? Or still back at "hopeless"? How huge exactly?

BTW: If you're questioning the use of hyperbole, Thank you Captain Obvious - that was the point. The evidence has been demagogued by those on YOUR side NOT ours, and I'm calling your bluff. (If you didn't see the irony in my deliberately unqualified use of "liquefied" here, then never mind, pal.)

No medical professional is asserting anything different than what's shown on the scans. The point I'm making is, her cerebral cortex has NOT liquefied (or been replaced by fluid). In this case *I'm* the one making the stronger assertion, and taking a bigger risk. Got it?

2) Irrelevant. Both the CT scan in the blogosphere AND the one to which Dr. Cranford testified put them both squarely - unambiguously - in Stage 1. The only open question in that event would be if the scan in evidence shows the shunt or not. And remember, while the presence of a shunt FALSIFIES your conclusions, the absence of one does NOT falsify mine.

3) That's not the point. The point is not to TEST Mr. Schiavo necessarily, but to see how he'll REACT WHEN they ask to test Mr. Schiavo.

If he calls their bluff then the worst that can happen to your cherished point of view is that he BEATS the test just like you say, and your opinion is confirmed. But it won't. He's already revealed the inability to avoid incriminating himself.

4) That still puts someone in Stage 3 you moron, not Stage 2. The point is, that can still be TREATED. I know you like to think that's enough to falsify Stage 3, but it really isn't. The presence of involuntary movements does NOT preclude the existence of VOLUNTARY movements (especially not of the clear and unambiguous kind affirmed by independent examiners and the peer review of the evidence). Or is there something in the peer review which you feel they have left out?

Also: Unlike what some may wish to believe, euthanizing a patient in Stage 3 is not a right granted or delegated to anyone in this country, whether or not they are a 'spouse'. (If it were I'm sure Mr. Schiavo wouldn't have bothered obtaining the Stage 1 brain scan to begin with.)

(And if your reaction to the three mutually exclusive definitions of hope for recovery is anything but gracious, I'll be onto you. "Stage 1?? Stage 2?? Stage 3?? That doesn't mean anything")

Just try it.

3:06 AM  
Blogger RD said...

I said:

The presence of involuntary movements does NOT preclude the existence of VOLUNTARY movements...

Nor does the presence of involuntary movements REMOTELY IMPLY that voluntary movements are ANY LESS LIKELY to occur. To imply otherwise is willful prejudice. Shame on you.

The ONLY thing that matters is what the examiners found when they instigated VOLUNTARY movements of the patient.

Or do you disagree, Gardener?

3:09 AM  
Blogger Maggie said...


that is a good point about the voluntary movement. The video, or the pictures of the video that I have seen of "open your eyes" shows Terri making a concious effort to open her eyes a little further.

If that is what happened then there is no way that this woman is PVS and there is no way that her cerebral cortex has liquified.

I am not a medical expert but I can tell you that I do not believe Cranford, or any of his bioethicist followers. They are all full of it.

2:06 AM  
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