Saturday, March 26, 2005

The $10 Million Option - Nurses Testifying Against Michael and For Terri

Someone needs to hook up the $10 million attorney with the nurses and healthcare professionals who work at the hospice where Terri is dying, and who are willing to testify against Michael Schiavo in a heartbeat if they could (but can't for fear of immediate termination).

On talk radio yesterday the nurse Carla Sawyer Iyer announced that nurses at the SunCoast hospice are willing to come forward testify both to Terri's true condition (NOT a persistent vegetative state - indicating the 1996 CT brain scan must be fraudulent), and her husband Michael's treatment of her.

As it stands they would stand to lose mightily if they came forward and spoke out. The $10 million man could solve that problem IMMEDIATELY by pledging a fund to protect them against the threat of termination that would result if they spoke out in unison in favor of Terri and against Michael.

Their speaking out would end the "he said, she said" absurdity that has kept Terri's true condition out of the hands of the media and in "doubt" with the court.

So Michael didn't take the money? Should've while he had the chance. Ten million would have bought him safe passage to a country without extradition to the United States.

If a $10 million man is not available, perhaps those offering $1 million+ can pool their resources for the same purpose. Either way the goal could be accomplished. If someone knows how to GET IN TOUCH with these people, now would be the perfect time!


Anonymous cindy said...

>>1. The $10 Million Dollar Challenge - there are nurses at the hospice who want to flip & testify for Terri and against Schiavo but they can't for fear they might get fired. Let's get some money & backing arranged for them NOW & get them on board SOON like in the next few hrs.<<

I'm not trying to be discouraging. I want to see Terri's feeding and hydration re-established. But isn't this akin to buying off witnesses? I would not participate in anything like this. If the nurses are fired for duty their duty as humans, they can bring unlawful discharge suits against the hospice.

If they think Terri is responsive and not in a PVS, they need to come forward of their own accord.

4:29 PM  
Blogger RD said...

No it's not. If they all come out in unison and VOLUNTEER to take POLYGRAPHS, and they ALL PASS, I don't think anyone will see their protection from a kind uncle to be a conflict of interest. Would you?

None of them are looking to give up their jobs. But someone's got to protect these people if they come forward. Letting them get fired and then turning them down when they ask for help, in the guise of "preventing a conflict of interest", is the very nonsense that got us into this position to start with.

5:34 PM  
Blogger RD said...

To your last point: We are not talking about a few disgruntled nurses here. We are talking about the whole floor. We are talking about a full-scale revolt. For THAT kind of action, you need to indemnify these people from the inevitable financial harm they will face. Doing anything else is simply financial blackmail.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

you have a point about the nurses. I have been thinking about this one, and probably for a good reason.

I cannot remember which site had the information, (could be Empire Journal) but there have previously been issues at Woodside relating to workplace harassment issues. These issues relate back to when Felos was chairman of the board.

There are nurses and other staff at that hospice who have wanted to bring on harassment charges but found that if they complain that they get dismissed. There has been a successful lawsuit against Woodside on this matter.

You are so right, they are afraid to speak out because if they do not toe the party line they will find themselves without a job.

Has there been any advance on this issue? It would be nice if we could get at least one nurse prepared to be defiant and go and give Terri some much need hydration.

2:45 AM  
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