Monday, March 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo is a Victim of Medical Records Fraud

For the sake of argument I identify these levels or "stages" by which doctors judge what to do with a patient, rightly or wrongly:

Stage 1 - Beyond hope ("pull the plug")
Stage 2 - Hope ("let them live but don't rehabilitate them")
Stage 3 - No need to 'hope' - can improve ("rehabilitate")

PVS is squarely in Stage 2, if for no other reason that half of all PVS patients are reclassified as Stage 3 within their lifetimes.

Because of this, I allege Medical Records Fraud perpetrated on the Schindlers, in the form of one CT scan and one EEG (as we know they were unwilling to consent to "further" tests). Consider:

We already know of the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence (from patient examinations & eyewitness testimony) that Terri is a Stage 3 patient. The peer review on the latest patient exams is clear and incontrovertible (except by those very same "medical records"). And the peer review also agrees that the CT scan is clearly of a Stage 1 patient (not even a Stage 2). Therefore, it CAN'T be Terri's brain scan.

The patient in the scan is a very sick person indeed. Their cortical atrophy puts them in Stage 1, with "no hope" - and no verbal interactions either. (Terri gave one heck of a scream the other day as you recall after being told to speak. The only question in the judge's mind was whether it was her expressing her will to live or just a moan.)

If we get our heads out of the weeds a minute and THINK, it's obvious that not only can't this be Terri's CT scan, but if fraud is being perpetrated, we might as well throw out the EEG and Dr. Cranford's testimony as well. (!)

Recall that he's the man who used a "balloon video" (which peer review clearly agreed was Stage 3) and a CT scan (which peer review clearly agreed was Stage *1*) and "averaged" his way to the conclusion that Terri has PVS (Stage 2) rather than conclude that one of the exhibits was obviously faked. I guess he really is a man of compromise.

(At least PVS - a Stage 2 diagnosis - would have ordinarily spared Terri an easy death penalty from the courts.)

But THEN he argued - the slimeball that he is - that because of the "irrefutable" nature of the Stage 1 diagnosis on the CT scan, plain for all to see (which isn't a lie), that Terri was a new kind of "PVS" patient - one with no hope (Stage 1).

That the CT scan wasn't even Terri's had either not been considered, or had not been admitted.



Blogger Jill said...

You know, I had wondered this as well - this is huge! Why hasn't anyone investigated this? But, then, why am I even asking that - there are so many things that haven't been investigated.

7:44 AM  
Blogger RD said...

I think this one really is huge. All of the dithering prior to now has been based on "he said, she said" deadlocks. This dismisses all that and just looks at their own incriminating behavior. His OWN balloon video shows him complimenting her!

Have sent an e-mail to news orgs. We'll see what happens - the guys at CodeBlue aware of it as well. :)

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Pete in NC said...

LOL yeah this is HUGE, I tell you, HUGE!

Your latest obsession (oops I mean well reasoned argument) will go absolutely nowhere. Why? 1) The logical leaps you make are ridiculous; 2) Blogs are impotent; 3) Terri's blogs have proven to be especially impotent.

But go ahead...LOL...try all day and night to get someone to listen to your silliness. I'll come back when I see it mentioned anywhere but a few blogs.

12:50 PM  
Blogger FD said...

Can the writer of this blog please tell us what relationship, if any, they have with any of the people in the Schiavo case? Some of the personal opinions make it sound as if you know them intimately. I'd like to know if that's true or if you are merely stating your own personal points of view.

12:53 PM  
Blogger RD said...

Pete in NC: Read the comment policy before posting again. Your opinions (or faux attacks on integrity, credibility or logical aptitude) will not be tolerated by anyone on the board until you have done the minimal amount of research necessary to take an opposing position on Mr. Schiavo's guilt.

8:19 PM  
Blogger RD said...

To those disagreeing with this board: The reason for the vast interest for the subject discussed here and other places is that, once people realize Terri's husband would have been arrested for attempted murder if EITHER (1) the hospital had not bet Terri's life on a conjecture about "bulimia" OR (2) the Schindlers had known of Terri's extensive broken bones and alerted the Florida state prosecutor's office in time, the legal aspects of the euthanasia question become moot. THAT is the pivot of the discussion.

The tense and suspicious body language of the Schiavo clan and Dr. Cranford - compared to the honest and straightforward body language of the Schindler clan, nurses, and peer review ALL - clued us in to a five-alarm scandal in the making.

This is a huge and complex story playing out (because of media, euthanasia lobby and political "reinterpretation" of the story) but the actual crux of the issue involves a relatively small number of people who seem to know each other quite well - the kind of "business as usual" cronyism that only THIS time ;)implicates a judge.

Too many of us are still willing to take the word of a man who is highly suspected of shooting a deadly hormone into his wife's veins on more than one occasion after the "incident" over the word of these people who clearly [read to the end] tag Terri with a Stage 3 diagnosis. The evidence from both disinterested parties was given under oath and cannot be wished away.

That would make our collective 'obsession' with stopping her unjustified termination a moral obligation for everyone, would it not?

8:35 PM  
Blogger RD said...

...had the Schindlers had known of Terri's extensive broken bones and alerted the Florida state prosecutor's office in time...

IOW, had the Schindlers learned of Terri's extensive broken bones in 1991 instead of 1998, the Florida prosecutors - who are on the record saying they'd have pressed charges for attempted murder - simply couldn't do anything about it. Michael was "clear" of the statues by a good 3 years or so by then.

9:24 PM  
Blogger FD said...

Anyone read this interesting artifact found and sent to me:

Any comments?

1:28 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

If you check the record of the statements that are now coming to light, every effort to bring Michael Schiavo to justice have failed. Why? Is he involved with the cult of Scientology (they are not a church, they are a cult based upon the writings of a man who was probably mentally ill, and who had homicidal tendencies). This is a question that is posed by the people on the blog Liberty to the Captives.

There is more to this case than meets the eye. It really is hard to fathom how it is that Michael Schiavo has been able to get away so convincingly with medical fraud - his malpractice suit.

What you must remember is Michael Schiavo had the upper hand because of the guardianship laws. Once he became the court appointed guardian of poor Theresa, she was at his mercy, and there is nothing that her parents could do to save her from a piece of scum.

I suggest that you check out a website that exposes many of the problems with the guardian laws as they are administered in Pinellas County. There is a very good case for stating outright that George Greer is encouraging that corruption.

Also, if you start checking into the facts on the guardianship laws, you will also discover that even if another person had the medical power of attorney that is the will of the one who has been declared a ward by the courts, that power of medical attorney is worthless when someone other than a family member has that guardianship power.

The medical fraud that might have been perpetrated in this case has happened with the consent of a lazy judiciary. No one has been willing to question the word of the guardian. The judiciary, if it was even a little bit just should have been oversighting this case to ensure that the ward was receiving her rehabilitation therapy. Instead the judiciary has been complicit in the proposed execution by starvation and dehydration of Terri Schindler.

RD has done an excellent job of exposing many of the problems of this case. There has been a lot of subterfuge and misinformation. What is worse the misinformation has been accepted by the judiciary without careful weighing of all of the facts.

It seems odd to me, that Michael Schiavo did not mention this notion that Terri was supposed to have told him that she did not want to live by being dependent upon someone else, 11 years after her statment took place. The sudden memory, after he had engaged George Felos, a master of subterfuge, has a ring of coaching about it. In other words, George Felos told Michael what he needed to say to Greer in order to provide "clear and convincing evidence". The man chosen as guardian ad litem disagreed with Schiavo and Greer and was given the flick. How very convenient was that!!!! Then suddenly Brian and Joan Schiavo went through the same memory ephinany and outlined their version of what Terri is supposed to have said. Strange, very strange, that this happened after the guardian ad litem had stated that Michael was not acting in the best interests of his ward.

People are claiming that this is not about money. I disagree with that comment. I believe that money is very much a part of the tangled web in this case.

However, there is more at stake than the money, or loss thereof due to lawyer fees. What is at stake to these players is the fact that this judicial decision that no one has the guts to overturn to allow justice and protect the rights of the disabled is in fact about the attempt to introduce generalized euthanasia. Why else would Felos have called in Dr. Death Cranford? He called in the neurologist who has a reputation for giving the right diagnosis. Neither party really cared about how the diagnosis was arrived at.

I am still looking into some of this medical evidence produced by Dr. Death. I noticed that he has attempted further subterfuge by claiming that Dr. Chesire did not examine Terri. I will be checking again the affadavit made by Dr. Chesire in order to expose Dr. Death for what he is, a liar who wants fame for himself.

9:07 PM  
Blogger FD said...

It's funny... I asked two questions here and I get no responses. I am going to assume that means there is no room to debate here and that this is your point of view or no point of view at all. As a result, this reader will not visit this blog anymore.

1:16 PM  
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