Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Julian Sanchez & Dawn

I reply to Julian Sanchez in this post from Dawn at the Dawn Patrol ("Neurologists: 'Tape Proves Terri's Not PVS'"). Good posts in the Comments section - if you look at anything make sure to go there... :)

The article is a lead-in to the Rob Johansen article that also has this to say:

In other words, they were willing to go on record to say that Terri is not in a "persistent vegetative state" and that, therefore, Judge George Greer has ordered the murder of a thinking and feeling woman who could respond to rehabilitation. A woman capable of interacting with her surroundings, who could one day tell us if she wanted to live—if she were given the chance.

Some insist - under oath - that has already happened. Not that it makes a difference to the good judge.

New readers: Realize that all of this only remotely makes sense if the 1996 CT Scan is a hoax (FYI no 2002 scan was ever actually presented; it was only alleged by Dr. Cranford; there is only one scan in evidence). We have already demonstrated that the CT scan on record does not fit the evidentiary pool - not because it doesn't show what it should (i.e., an almost comical loss of cortical brain tissue), but because it shows what it shouldn't: the tip of a shunt in the middle of the patient's brain cavity, as would be expected in clinical treatment for a late-stage AHC patient. Terri was never diagnosed with this clinically, nor was she ever shunted for it, nor was she medically treated in any way after 1993; the only "evidence" of aggressive AHC in her pathology is the 1996 CT scan itself.

To logicians: The CT scan evidence is a tautology (of uncertain provenance) which passes peer review - it shows what it claims - but falsifies all other evidence, including all known eyewitness accounts of Terri Schiavo, the clinical history of Terri Schiavo, as well as Dr. Cranford's own "balloon video" (which most believe shows Terri conscious and responding to suggestion). It is therefore unlikely to be the patient's own brain scan.


Anonymous Fair said...

I am a liberal for Terri, keep up the good work!

I am praying for her.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Hey RD,
I'm just dropping in to say hi and that you are doing an incredible job here!

2:57 AM  
Blogger RD said...

Be SURE to check out the new post on Slate. Figure out a way to get it out! I'm exhausted. :)

5:59 AM  
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