Friday, March 25, 2005

Kafka Revisited

When individuals acting in the guise of authority have the power to decide what the truth is or isn't, we have a Kafka novel. Note that it requires the following ingredients:
  • The power to mandate what "facts" are (this includes falsifying data and according it the status of "fact", while excluding everything that was obtained honestly)

  • The power to protect or obscure criminal behavior through the [mis]use of authority to silence or intimidate witnesses who would speak openly about their knowledge if asked

  • The power to rest decisions on a proportionately small amount of fabricated or fraudulently conveyed evidence that is reasonably outweighed by mountains of evidence honestly and openly obtained

  • The power to accuse, arrest, imprison, torture and then kill truly innocent victims in the "guise" of law, principle or the "greater good" (even when the evidence of their innocence is overwhelming)

  • A credulous (i.e. not skeptical) public.
Our public is too credulous in the infallibility of its newspapers and television stations not only in reporting the news, but understanding it. And when the press doesn't get it, neither does the public who depends on them.

When individuals with the power of fiat take advantage of society's credulity to act however they please under the hood of "due process", it isn't just wrong. It's Kafka-esque.


Anonymous Conservative for Terri's Dignity said...

What is truly 'Kafka-esque' is the attempt to keep a person that has been cognitively brain dead for 15 years alive. All those Kafka criteria that you list could just as easily be applied to those like you who will do anything to deny Terri the right to die with at least a shread of dignity. Let her go! Stop using her to achieve your own petty little 15 minutes of fame.

6:54 PM  
Blogger bethtopaz said...

Conservative for the truth and for terri --

your words just show that you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. Have you read the whole website -- "Blogs For Terri"? If not, keep quiet about things you don't understand.

7:40 PM  
Blogger bethtopaz said...

My entry was, of course, intended for "Conservative for terri's dignity." Just wanted to make that clear -- Liberals for Terri - I laud you for your website. Thank you for your good work and research. I can't stand people who spout off self-righteously about things they know not!

7:41 PM  
Blogger RD said...

Read my next post. It will be up shortly. Read ALL of it, follow the links, and tell me whether you can credibly assert that the testimony of ALL these people is either delusional, incompetent or willfully dishonest.

The issues I am focused on are those of intentional misdiagnosis and outright fraud by a judge above suspicion due to his good works in other areas. If you don't agree with that position then you're just not seeing it the same way I am. I'll let the crack about "15 minutes" slide for now.

We probably agree on a lot of things. But I won't casually dismiss ANY evidence simply because I feel entitled to. The only evidence which I choose NOT to accept is that which has been examined thoroughly and falsified by credible argument or testimony. AFAIK that's the only thing keeping us apart ;) at the moment.

And the notion that you would only buy "evidence" that came from Michael's file (!) and his doctors (the tie-breaker is another matter) - and ignore Terri's chart from 1990 through 2003 - is alarming.

In case you didn't get the memo: it's never been about euthanasia. Nor about a family's "privacy" (to abuse and assassinate whomever they wish in secrecy without the victim's permission). The debates over the larger picture, absent conflict of interest and fraud, are probably issues where we see eye to eye. (But I don't really care right now.)

The point here on this blog has been that those issues are MOOT when the wrong person - Terri Schiavo - has been snagged by the system. There are a lot of people who agree; "why" is the question you'll have to answer for yourself. (That's obviously what I mean when I label her an "innocent victim" - it wasn't a platitude about how the disabled are "innocent".)

Hopefully we can agree on one thing: that after the $10 million pledge on ABC, that man has revealed himself as either one incredibly noble guy, or one incredibly guilty one. The way he escalated, he's left no ground on which to retreat. Everyone knows he's really that intent on killing her.

7:43 PM  
Blogger RD said...

Mine, of course, was intended for CFTD as well ;)

7:46 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...


you rock and you have my full support for your comments.

Conservative for Terri's dignity needs to go look up the facts, read the affadavits of the nurses and other doctors who have been with her and know that she is cognizant.

Terri Schiavo is not brain dead. That is the most absurd thing that I have ever heard. If she was brain dead 15 years ago then they would not have been attempting the rehabilitation.

In the original stages after her collapse, Terri was in fact on life support. She was taken off those machines and she needed to be fed by a tube in the stomach.

The nurses who have looked after Terri have been willing to state that she is cognizant. The latest nurse to make this statement has been working at Woodside Hospice. She enjoys jokes, she laughs and she tries to vocalize.

Brain dead people do not show any form of interaction.

Dr. Death Crandon's diagnosis is extraordinarily inaccurate. He has an agenda to see through a change on the scale of Roe vs. Wade, but with more insidious results.

There is no dignity in being slowly starved to death over a period of 7 to 10 days.

Well I could always wish the same fate upon yourself. What was that you said? You do not want to be given food and water because normal sustenance is a form of medical experimental therapy.

12:32 AM  
Blogger RD said...

:) The "redefinition of vocabulary" from Dr. Cranford condemning spoon-feeding as "medical treatment" is Orwellian.

1:24 AM  
Anonymous CFTD said...

***your words just show that you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. Have you read the whole website -- "Blogs For Terri"? If not, keep quiet about things you don't understand.***

Based on what's been said here by you and others, this has me rolling in the aisles. Yes she is brain dead. That's what a flat EKG/EEG means.

I do agree that there's little dignity in starving to death, but unfortunately that's what's left to her.

Again, it is apparent that some liberals and some conservatives differ from their breathern on this issue. As I said, I am as conservative as can be, but abhor how Terri is being used.

I won't be back to read your replies since it does little to debate with people who's minds are set...and btw Beth, who appointed you guardian of who gets to speak out? Have I told you or anyone else to Shut Up? You make all us conservatives look bad with that kind of talk. (do you tell gays to shut up? do you tell liberals who disagree with you to shut up?) I know that you all view me as a troll and I apologize for that. Maybe I should never have posted a contrary view. Obviously according to Beth I don't have the right to disagree with her. Good bye all. Rest in Peace Terri, you got none here on earth.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Maggie said...

"Based on what's been said here by you and others, this has me rolling in the aisles. Yes she is brain dead. That's what a flat EKG/EEG means."

However, this is where we have severe disagreement. We do not have a flat EEG at all. I do not think that I can trust anything that comes out of the mouth of Cranford on this matter.

People who are brain dead are not able to communicate in the way that Terri communicates with her parents and family. She pointedly ignores Michael's presence, and I have no doubt that she does the same to her brother in law.

Last year I went to say good-bye to a woman who was definitely in the state that Terri is alleged to be in. The difference is that in Margaret's case she really was on the way to dying. She lasted around 2-3 weeks after her stroke when she finally passed away. Margaret was aware but she could not communicate in any way with the friends and family, including our parish priest, yet she tried.

I am inclined to see that Terri is in no worse shape than my father after his second stroke. That was when he ended up with dysphasia - losing the ability to speak. He was able to communicate with the family and he was fully cognizant when I flew down to Melbourne from Sydney for a visit.

The video clips of Terri are positive proof that she is cognizant. There are nurses and nurses aides who have come forward and stated that Terri was capable of saying a few words. They have come forward and stated that somebody had tampered with the charts so that positive reports were removed.

The evidence against Terri has been stacked to look as if she is PVS but the doctors who have made that diagnosis are working not in the interests of the patients but in their own hidden agenda.

Terri has become the pawn of people who want to introduce a very wide ranging form of euthanasia. This is their goal in allowing the murder of Terri Schiavo.

Oh and after the comments by other doctors about the CT scan, I am convinced that Dr Death Cranford should be struck off for medical incompetence in this and other cases.

If this was a case like that of Karen Quinlan who was on life support then I would agree that you CTFD might have a point. However, it is not the same because Terri had a feeding tube and if she had been allowed she could have sustenance by mouth.

Perhaps the fact that the guardian has refused all the necessary therapies needs a very close look. Are you prepared to look with fresh eyes at the evidence and not just what comes from Felos and Schiavo? Somehow I doubt that you would even entertain doing that.

Please do not attack my friends Beth and RD. We have a lot of differences in politics and religion but these are good women who know when a crime is being perpetrated.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Emma said...

Terri needs to have a trial BY A JURY OF HER PEERS, in a court of law.
Let the people decide in a court of law any disputed problem.

JUDGES should not be Judge, Jury and executener all three.

7:00 AM  
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