Thursday, March 24, 2005

So NOW We Hear From the ACLU

George Felos thanks the Florida chapter of the ASCLU (American Selective Civil Liberties Union). His advice to the parents: their time would be better spent in "reflection and contemplation".

I want to thank George for his kind suggestion. I too am in a mode of "reflection and contemplation". His words are truly an inspiration to those who take up for him and his cause I imagine:

"The Jewish people, long ago in their collective consciousness, agreed to play the role of the lamb whose slaughter was necessary to shock humanity into a new moral consciousness. Their sacrifice saved humanity at the brink of extinction and propelled us into a new age."

"I was on fire, fueled by thoughts of bludgeoning and tearing her apart."

"Mrs Browning, do you want to die? Do you want to die? - I nearly shouted as I continued to peer into her pools of strikingly beautiful but incognizant blue. It felt so eerie ... Whatever your opinion about tube feeding, the hard fact was it now stood between Mrs. Browning and her death. ... I carried with me the resolute determination to sever the artificial cord that bound Estelle Browning to this earthly realm. Her agonized cry for release ran though my mind over and over again, and I felt our SPIRITUAL BOND."

This guy sounds so rational when he's on TV. Unlike Brian Schiavo, that is suggestive of pathological behavior. So is it sociopathy, or just plain zealotry?

"To her, I seemed unattractive, sexually unexciting, balding, boring, and just not enough fun to be with....she didn't need me anymore. For her, marriage to me inflicted a fate worse than death. She admitted that for the past year or so she had wished for my death, and whenever I flew hoped the plane would crash."

Apparently the feeling's mutual.


Blogger Jill said...

I am in a mode of wanting to toss my cookies. This is wretched.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Maggie said...

What do the ACLU mean by civil liberties anyway? They seem to promote only the liberty to kill.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Here's a bombshell that needs further investigation. The empire journal has a new story on this case, and there is a suggestion that the ACLU has been underwriting the legal expenses for Michael Schiavo.

If that is true then I can see that they are not about true civil liberties at all. What they are about is allowing men to strangle their wives, obtain money under false pretences and then get the judiciary to agree to the homicide by torture of said wife, whilst the husband shacks up with another woman.

10:27 PM  
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