Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Clarifying Michael's Motives

"How can Michael Schiavo be remotely diabolical like you suggest if he spent so much time, love and effort on Terri's rehabilitation in the early days of her failed recovery?"

1.  His goal after the incident (whether pathological or practical) was not necessarily to kill, but to imprison.   [>>>]

2.  He may have had reason early on to hope for a complete recovery.

3.  A motive to deprive her and then kill her may have grown out of the need to move on with his life on the one hand, yet keep her silent on the other.   [>>>]

All strategies necessitated his utter control of the situation and of Terri's communication with the outside world. And all were motivated by self-preservation.

Does it make sense now? [READ THE FULL ANALYSIS on Schiavogate]


Blogger JMT said...

He may have always intended to kill her and simply allowed rehabilitation early on to look good for the courts, with that malpractice suit and all, and then once he felt more secure about the courts' opinion of him was able to push for her death.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Well, even if I am not a doctor I am not convinced that Terri was bulimic. The medical records do state that she was malnourished because she was on an iced tea diet, but that is not BULIMIA. To have been bulimic there would have to be more of a consistent history of bingeing and vomiting. Also there would have been other tell tale signs of her vomiting such as damage to the oesophagus.

I have another suggestion on this matter regarding Michael's motives. I think that he did attempt to strangle her when she told him that she wanted a divorce. I think that after getting control of her through guardianship he set up this whole course of events in order to profit from finishing her off.

What sticks out to me is that he waited for 4 years after the malpractice case before initiating or even remembering that she did not want to allegedly live in that way. I believe that there is the possibility that any crime of perjury cannot be investigated due to the statute of limitations.

I want to make it clear here that Michael was not a Catholic when he married Terri. He is not under any authority from the Catholic Church. However, that leaves open the suggestion that he could be a member of Scientology. If that was possible, then the way in which he sees Terri as being nothing but a shell who died 15 years ago is definitely in line with the teachings of Hubbard. If you then add to this possibility the hatred that Hubbard had towards Catholics in particular, then Terri's fate has been sealed by the doctrines of Scientology.

How does this tie in with Felos and Greer. From what I have read, I cannot tie either of them to Scientology in a direct way. We know now that Greer had been a member of a Baptist congregation but he has now decided to quit that congregation owing to a conflict of interest (I had a naughty and sarcastic thought here but shall refrain). Felos claims that he has had some kind of ephiphany that has led him to some form of religious conversion (hmmm...no I will hold that thought too).

The only tie that I have is through the legal community, and that is the members of the law firm who take on the litigation for Scientology. The lawyers are all very chummy and that means that the influence could be significant.

I do not know who else had an influence on Schiavo, and I cannot speculate on that matter. Yet I wonder how it is that he engaged George Felos to take this case and to advocate that Terri be starved to death.

So I am back to possible motives of the parties involved:

1. Michael attempted to strangle Terri because she told him that she was leaving and wanted a divorce.

2. Michael saw the opportunity of making money out of Terri when he discovered that she had a potassium and hormonal imbalance. He raised the law suit based upon the claim that Terri was bulimic. I am not satisfied that her medical record actually proved that this was in fact correct.

3. When Michael received the compensation money he realised that it was not enough to pay for his desire to lead a different lifestyle. He was disappointed and blamed his wife for the fact that the award was cut back due to what was considered her own culpability for the situation.

4. As soon as practical after the money went into the trust for Terri, he decided to find a way to finish the job of killing her. When his plans were thwarted by Terri herself, he decided that he needed extra help.

5. At some point he joined the Hemlock Society and got involved with George Felos. This is when the plan was hatched that Michael suddenly remembered his wife's wishes that she did not want to live in that way.

The motives of Felos and Greer are less clear but they definitely have a stake in making sure that Terri dies.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would a judge desroy his career to get involed in this mess? I'm
guessing Judge Greer's wife is a
nervous wreck, after all this . I
doubt Michael Schiavo's girl friend is
sleeping very good. And the kids are
probaly in for a rough time, to say
the least.
Forgive me for being anonymous , I got
email that was weird.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Schiavo is hiding out.Judge
George Greer is hiding. George Felos
was walking around like everything was
great. Is George Felos out of touch
with reality?
Does he know people are threating him,
as they are the other two?

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Schiavo is hiding out.Judge
George Greer is hiding. George Felos
was walking around like everything was
great. Is George Felos out of touch
with reality?
Does he know people are threatening him,
as they are the other two?

7:27 PM  
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